Share your email id over the web safely

Sharing your email address over the web is very usual, and it is almost impossible to avoid this act. Publishing your email address on the web is a requirement at times, but on the other hand, doing so keeps you restless for a while, because we hate spammers, nobody likes spam messages.

There are several methods to save your email address from bots, here we are talking about another method, and it’s an online tool to hide your email address, making it available only to a human. allows you to do so, all you need to do is, enter your email address, then choose a URL.


Later click on the ‘Protect my email’ button to get a sharable URL, clicking on which only a human can retrieve your email address by going through a Captcha.


You also get codes to be used as replacement of your email address in HTML documents and Forums.

So go ahead, and Play Safe, keep your email address protected.



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