Shorten URL on your desktop : MURLS

MURLS is a light weight desktop application which is used to create Short URL from url shortening services like, tinyurl etc quickly. The advantage of using this service is that it can create 28 short URLS in 2-3 minutes when all of them are selected. Yes and it depends on your internet speed also.

The Supported URL shortening services are :

  1. |
  2. |
  3. |
  4. |
  5. |
  6. |
  7. |
  8. |
  9. |
  10. |
  11. |
  12. |
  13. |
  14. |

In my opinion this application should support clipboard functionality so if I copy a url it appears here as soon as I click start this application. You can download MURL @ Code Google and it needs dot net framework to be installed which is likely to be already available with your computer.


  1. It supports clipboard functionality. Double click a shortened URL to copy it to your clipboard, drag and drop is also fully supported for shortened URLs.

  2. Version 1.7.0 is uploaded.

    Due to the exponential popularity I’m getting I decided to put the “Check for updates” feature at the top of my to do list and a basic version is implemented in 1.7.0.

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