Should you walk or take a bus ? Maths and Commonsense

Many a times it becomes difficult to decide if you should take a bus or just walk when you feel like you are close to the place where you want to get. For example if you just need to walk around 2km to reach to your friends house taking a bus might take much time because of number of stoppage and waiting time. Instead of you could just walk down you can beat the bus.

Walk or Bus is a simple concept which says

if you have N blocks to travel, you should only wait for the bus if it is less than N minutes away.

We assume that buses travel at 30 mph, and that the average person walks a 20 minute mile. If you walk faster, you can also consider the entries in blue, equal to a 15 minute mile.

It’s simple math or just common sense but many of fail to realize that. So do you take a bus or just walk ?


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