Shutdown Windows without installing updates ( Hibernate it )

Many a times it happens that when you go to shutdown your computer at the end of the day, it asks you to install updates without giving any option to skip it. Though its a good thing to do that but then if you are in a hurry you cannot wait for the update to complete for next 20 minutes and its even more annoying when you have a weak battery so you cannot jusy unplug and put it in your bag pack  to let it to.

So now the question is how you going to skip the update and still shutdown your computer.  Below are some methods you would love to use :

Hibernate :

This is the simplest and most easiest option you can choose for and it has its own advantages. First its is one click solution your computer shuts down, all your current state is saved and updates are skipped. I do it most of the time and reboot my computer and shutdown it properly only when I reach home.

To make sure you have hibernation enabled, look into your power settings.

Use the Lock Screen :

Second tip comes from WithinWindows, who points to a very obvious option which most of use might never see. There is a shutdown option when you are on lock screen but it only shows up when you are logged off. So once you save all your work, log off and look for the dropdown in the power down button which has option to shutdown along with Shutdown after installing updates.

Force from Command line

If you are an Admin on your computer, do this to skip updates :

  • Type CMD on your start menu, CMD will appear and right-click to run with Admin privilege.
  • Next type in shutdown -s -t 000 where 000 is the time after which shutdown takes place, you can also use shutdown -s -f -t 000 to close all apps if they are open but I will not recommend it.

This both will result in instant shutdown without asking you anything on the update.


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