PC Turn Off Timer Software to Shutdown PC When You Want

Nowadays, managing screen time is crucial. We want to power off the computer when it is no longer needed. PC Turn-off Timer Software can help you schedule shutdown whenever you want, save more energy, protect the hardware, and manage your time efficiently.

This software can automatically shut down your PC for a selected time. If you are a student, you can use these applications to turn off your desktop at 10 PM, which will help you retain better study habits. It’ll further let you get sufficient sleep and rest. Here are the top two PC Turn-off Timer Software that are worth considering:

PC Turn Off Timer Software to Shutdown PC

With this software, your PC won’t drain the power again when you are not using it. Once you select a time, it’ll go off automatically. Let’s first know about this one:

1] Wise Auto Shutdown

With Wise Auto Shutdown, you can turn off the PC, restart, sleep, hibernate, and lock the screen regularly or for a selected duration. This will reduce power consumption and allow you to focus on other essential tasks.

It comes with a reminder to notify you before turning off the PC. You can further delay shutdown from 10 minutes to 4 hours.

Additionally, with its simple-to-use interface, you can set the turn-off on the left panel and the duration of the turn-off on the right panel.

Wise Auto Shutdown


  • User-friendly layout
  • It reminds you before making a change
  • Prompt a message to delay the shutdown 5 minutes before


  • There’s no login and password entry
  • Incompatible with other installed software


  • It lets you shut down, restart, log off, Hibernate, sleep, and turn off your PC’s lock screen
  • It has a light and dark mode
  • Remind before execution

Download link

2] Shutdown Timer Classic

Shutdown Timer Classic is free-to-use software for your computer if you want to schedule turning it off. Unlike most applications, this software has a small interface that doesn’t cover the whole screen. This free program is available on the Microsoft Store and is free from malicious or malware risks.

Along with turning it off, you can schedule hibernating, locking, sleeping, and even restarting your PC when you are off from work. Its little yet functional interface works smoothly without interrupting any process on the screen.

Shutdown Timer Classic


  • Comes with Forceful and Graceful options
  • Small and convenient dashboard
  • Background color setup


  • On Forceful mode, it’ll turn off the apps Forcefully
  • During the ongoing process, if you force close the application, your data may be lost


  • Works without internet connection and ads
  • Supports many turn-off options (shutdown, restart, sleep, lock screen
  • Can Work on background

Download link

Other Ways to Turn off PC automatically

So far, I have explained scheduling turn-off using external applications. These applications require you to download and install the software, which can be time-consuming.

Fortunately, your desktop can natively be switched off using pre-built options. Here I have piled up two easy-to-use ways:

Shutdown using command prompt

  • Type in CMD in the search box and open the command prompt
  • On the command line, enter shutdown -s—t and the number of seconds you want the PC to turn off.

In command line enter shutdown and time

  • Press the Enter button, and your PC will be switched off after the number of seconds you mentioned. A message will prompt on your screen, which means you have scheduled the shutdown.

To turn off the command you have set, open the command prompt again using the search box and enter shutdown -a.

Further, once you get a message showing that the logoff has been canceled, this is the cue that your PC won’t be shut down automatically. You can run the same on a command prompt or Windows terminal.

Enter Shutdown and number of seconds


Finally, these are the solutions you wanted to get. The two PC Turn-off Software I mentioned above are good in many aspects. They let you schedule shutdown, sleep, hibernate, log off, and screen lock.

All in all, Wise Auto Shutdown wins in many cases. As it reminds you about the shutdown 5 minutes ahead, you can delay the schedule. Shutdown Timer Classic software will make sense if you use Windows and want a simple solution with a small interface.

Lastly, if using the software seems like jargon, use the command prompt or run command to schedule Turning off manually within a few seconds.


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