Similar web finds sites matching your Interests

After a long time We have found a suggestion service which really makes sense. Similar Web  is the new kid on the block which is pretty mature and strong to even beat out the big lads similar to it.

Similar Web finds websites which are similar to your surfing habit i.e. On the run it suggests you websites depending where you are surfing. Like when you come to Technospot.Net, it suggests you ExeprtExchange, SpeedyVista, Themes Wallpapers Icons etc which are very close to what is.

The advantage of using this system is you get very safe recommendations and you can discover new and productive websites.

Similar Web Suggestions

However in case you dont find the suggested website of your intrest , you can always vote down so it learns from your behaviour. This makes it more powerful finder.

Another excellent feature in Similar Web is the enhanced search which is smart. Like when you make a Google Image Search, it integrates Yahoo, Flickr, Live Images, Photobucket, ImageShack along with it.

Like if you are searching forany particulr image and you cannnot find it, SimilarWeb suggest your more image search engines which you can use. This way you discover new things which are safe and will make you more productive.

Overall this is a very useful service which you should use. Finding things of your interests will give you wide area of exposure and better chance to learn things from different angles. So don’t miss it. Just go to SimilarWeb and start using it.



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