Simple online tool for encryption and decryption is an online tool which offers you the facility to encrypt and decrypt any text.


All you need to do is simply choose type in or paste the text in the window, and choose the encryption type, to get the encrypted text.


There is a huge list of encryption algorithms to choose from, as shown above.

Once done with encryption you can copy it, and send encrypted emails and messages, same tool can be used to decrypt the encrypted text.

This is a nice tool to send encrypted messages, provided that you communicate the recipient about the type of encryption you used.

Try : Online Encryption Tool


  1. you guys, ive been hacked and they changed my pass and everything
    can you please help me decrypt these codes :

    my facebook : 21eaff5448b8418b9446af1a4262cc81
    my msn ([email protected]) : 9b5365b62bdeffe80fceab6615fde904

    and then e-mail them to my friend’s e-mail [email protected]

    thanks and this would mean a lot.

  2. hello,
    I would really like to decrypt this code 688df6d50a630dababcf02b9ecacd038, so if there is anybody who knows how to do it please send me an email with the sollution.

  3. We don’t provide an encryption-decryption service, its just that this post tells about an online tool which can be used for encryption and decryption, moreover in order to decrypt I think its mandatory that the encryption has been done using this service only, and one should also be aware of algo used in encryption in order to decrypt an encryption.

  4. please decrypt this to plain text.. 5280f14cf2bc8cc9b0a0575ecb9a0b67
    it’s my facebook password ut i dont know what to do from here :/

  5. i think its so damn retarded how some people post hashes up and are too damn lazy to look for a decrypter/cracker. go google online hash cracker. its as easy as that. post here and you will never get a reply

  6. My boyfriend is cheating on me and i need to know his facebook password. its really important. Its a matter of life and death.
    i need you to decrypt this: 50ddcdd58bc63b9fbe9eb5ec647a9e89
    can you email me on my email
    [email protected]

  7. can you please ecrypt code for 5e7554619714ba49d7040f2b10bf6aed:pLRa2rYtMwRo38SEK3F3u5e3y1C052No and send me email :phuchoang@ilivecorp

    Thanks in advance

    Phuc Hoang

  8. Can you please decrypt this facebook password for me


  9. Can you please decrypt this facebook password for me?
    thankyou so muchh

    please send me the password to my email after you decrypt it.

  10. Can you please decrypt this facebook password for me ASAP?
    thankyou so muchh

    please send me the password to my email… [email protected] after you decrypt it. THANKYOU

  11. Please decrypt this facebook password for me : 3b3390070a5f2d0663a1218c973eb9b4

    and send to email address, thanks

  12. I find it amusing that people are asking for others to decrypt passwords. How do we know that they aren’t trying to hack someone’s account? I would never tell anyone how to crack something until I am absolutely sure that they are the owner/licensee what what ever the password goes to.

  13. hiya, ive bin having a few problems with my facebook account. it got hacked about 6 months ago the e-mail i was using is [email protected]. ive had threatening letters sent to my house because who eva hacked it has been causing alot of problems for me. could you decript this facebook password code plz 0dbc3c1d9178cd013465f617f6ae92ad i dnt no how to get the code for the e-mail address that i was using for the account. this would reli help me if you can do it. thankyou

  14. hey can you please decrypt this : 16969cea10897abe6f033c18d98b8736
    would mean alot , thank you its a password for facebook , i thinnk it mite be salted

  15. hi there my hotmail got hacked and can someone email me the password pleaseee!

    this is the code to decrypt: 4a14f7a905dbc25a807233e8a3c8e6de


  16. hello , how are u. i have a req to u that i am in problem that i need that code plain text .please decrypt this code.please
    DECRYPT IT: df2e9b552267efb50592fdb2419edac9
    please send me this password in plain text.plz………
    and plz reply me via email. thanks

  17. hellow can any one decrypt this code please please…



    “thnk You”

  18. sir can u help me of getting these encryption passwords plz i ‘ll b really thankful



    these are md5 encrypts i think

  19. 4f22f94ad798998f0829a4043df92374

    can someone please help me with decrypt this. Please…it is very important and would mean so much to me.
    thank you

  20. 4f22f94ad798998f0829a4043df92374

    can someone please help me with decrypt this. Please…it is very important and would mean so much to me.
    thank you

  21. d9287a4dcf8541804b4dc4578b2ecd9f

    I need it so much , it will save many other profiles on fb , so please i need this password , email me ,
    thanks 🙂

  22. hi please do me a favor please.. can you pls decrpt this to me?/



    i really need it asap…

    please help me.

  23. Can someone help? My ex got into my Facebook, changed the passwords and is writing horrible things about me and friends on my page. Can you please decrypt this code: 2623067743edd6e9523c3e16d3ef7499.


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