Simple passwords are also strong if you can make it special

Simple passwords are also strongPasswords are a critical way to secure your data online and on your computer. To make sure they are not hackable, we tend to create passwords that have Alphabets in uppercase, use special characters, etc but according to Microsoft Research section, simple passwords are also strong unless not many are using it.

Simple passwords are also strong

The strategy involves banning the use of certain words or combinations as a password if their usage count exceeds some number. It is one of the basic flaws used by crackers. They use this idea to get into your stuff like using your pet name or even your phone number.

That said, you should not be very tempted to start using a weak password. We have talked about a lot of tips like not storing them in browsers and use good password tools like Super Gen Pass or Simple Password which generate a strong password but they are easy to remember.

While you can always use a Password Manager which is easily available on the browsers which sync across devices, it is always a good idea to have a password which you can remember or at least guess when required.

It is best to come up with your own strategy of password combination. It can be built upon a word that is terribly hard to guess. Something which might not make a sense like Hakuna Matata. Then add up alphabets, numbers, special characters around it to make it strong.

I have seen a lot of friends following it. But then there are a set of people who rely on Password Manager and remember one single password. It works, for most people. However, I had a terrible experience with LastPass. I forgot the master password, and there was no way to export or change without it. I had a hard time resetting all my accounts and then start from scratch.


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