Simple Socket File Transfer : Dead simple file transfer utility

Simple Socket File transfer is a file transfer program which allows you to transfer files between computers by simply listening to a configurable port number. Though there are hundreds of ways to transfer files between computer over a network but this software is for those people who just dont want distraction of too many features and GUI jargon.

Socket file transfer

There are two ways to use this software.

One being an Active listener where you connect to another computer running the same software, you need the IP and port number for that,

Another by becoming a passive user where you just wait for the connection and when that is done you can very well send the file back to the connected host.

Features :

  • It works with NAT or network address translators but you need to port forward.
  • Allows you to pause and resume file transfer.
  • MD5 Has check to make sure that transferred  are without errors.

Where you can use this ?

If you have 4-5 computer at home, make one of them as storage area and let others just dumb the file to it by connecting to that computer using IP address.

This software doesnt support command line interface else you could have thought of using it in small project where the process of transferring file can be automated. Check out SSFT


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