Simple tips to control on Dropbox Bandwidth Usage

Dropbox is one of the most simplest and powerful tool when it comes to synchronizing files between multiple computers. Drop and you are done but with this there comes a small issue which our Author Manav faces a couple of time.  Dropbox takes over the bandwidth heavily and slows down your Internet experience.  This mostly happens when you are on a bit slow internet. Anything above 2MBPS doesn’t have this issue.

Below are tips which will help you speed up your Dropbox and also make your experience of using it much smoother.

Limit Download and Upload Rate :

Like uTorrent, Dropbox also lets you control how much bandwidth it can take control of when uploading or downloading a file.  Though upload rate is not always an issue as Dropbox comes with limiting feature as automatic there but there is no such setting for download.So the best would be to limit the download bandwidth usage to an extent.

DropBox Bandwidth Control

Lan Sync:

This is the ultimate feature of Dropbox which lets you synchronize between multiple devices over your own network instead of consuming lot of bandwidth from your ISP. This feature is called as LAN sync and if it detects your devices or two devices on same network it uses LAN to sync instead of downloading files again.

DropBox Lan Sync

Select Folders only which you want to synchronize :

If you do not want to synchronize all the folders, Dropbox has this option too.  Go to Advanced Tab and choose selective sync. These options are under preferences. Here you can select which folders to sync. Read more about it here

DropBox Selective Sync

Pause Syncing :

This is another interesting feature of Dropbox which lets you completely pause the syncing process. So if you accidentally dropped a file which you don’t want to sync or if all of a sudden you see a lot of files getting downloaded you can just pause it right there. Right click on Dropbox icon and select Pause Syncing.

DropBox Pause Syncing

Another use would be to just sync it once. So pause it when you start your day and when you are done adding files, fire the syncing process again.

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  1. How often does Dropbox check to see if files have changed and therefore a re-syncing needs to take place? Once a day, once an hour, every 10 minutes?


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