Sing to Record, Auto-correct the pitch, and much more [Free Android App]

Here is an awesome Android App, which has been designed especially for the people with singing talents in them. MicDroid is a nifty Android app, which actually is a voice recorder app with some advance features.

It has a minimalistic interface, which comes with a large button to start the recording.

Sing and Record with free Android App

Later when you stop the recording by pressing the same button again, it starts the pitch correction automatically.

Free Voice recording app for Android designed for singers

Once the process is complete, you can get name the recording and save the .wav file.

Free Android app, sing, record, pitch correct, share, set as ringtone

Also it gives you options to easily set this as your ringtone, share it via email, etc.

Free Android app sing, record, pitch correct, share, set as ringtone

So, if you have that singing talent, this is a great app for you, go ahead and get it on your Android Device immediately. Search for ‘MicDroid’ in the market.


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