Six quick ways to create lines in Microsoft Office Word

Creating lines in Office document is a very common thing. We do it specially when you need to boundary out certain things with other. But drawing lines is not easy either. Select menu select this and draw menu and all those extra steps. In this tutorial of MS office word I am going to tell you 6 quick ways to create lines.

Types of line in Words with Special Charcters
Types of line in Words with Special 


Create Solid Lines with Hyphens :

Just type in and hit enter. You will get a line. remember you need a minimum of three in rest of tricks also.

Create Thick lines with Underscore:

Type in ___ and hit enter and you will get a solid line. You can remember solid line and thick line together as hyphen and underscore are just opposite of each other

Create Dotted line with Asterix :

Type in *** and you will get a nice dotted line.

Create 2 solid lines with Equal :

Three Equal  signs can be used to create a thin line but with two solid lines together. remember its solid not thick.

Create Triple line ( one thick with 2 solid line above ) with Hash :

If you need line which is thinner on borders and thick in between then for this triple line. You just need to press ### for three times and hit enter.

Create Wavy Line  with  Tildes :

This one is for you. Just try out and see what can make it work. Its wavy so may be you can look for some wave in your keyboard. Just leave a comment in this post and we will put you name here with a link. 😉

M G Harish came out with the solution  and he used ~~~ to create the wavy lines.

Thats all from our side ,have fun with these tricks and we will come back with more. In case you already know more do share with us in comments.


  1. @Harish : Thats the right answer. I tried creating lines with all special characters that were available with my keyboard and these worked and nothing else. If you know of any more do tell us.

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