SK Downloader : Sleek and light weight Download manager

Writing this post takes me to my first ever blog post about Free Download Manager and the reason is today again I am going to talk about a Download Manager.

Download Managers have been good way to download files. The ability of download managers to resume downloads; processing long download queues, etc. make any download manager a preferred app.

Here we are talking about SKDownloader, which is a perfect download manager, because it has a minimal interface which makes it damn easy to use, and is light weight.

Features of SKDownloader –

  • Downloading the same file in parts simultaneously to maximize speed. Once you give the download link to the SKDownloader, it asks for the number of connections (no. of parts to be downloaded simultaneously), you can choose any number of connections ranging from 2 to 10, and I think keeping the number of connections something around 4 is the best option, until and unless the file is not very large.
  • Supports redirection.
  • Scheduling supported, you can decide the time to start and stop the download, and this feature is damn useful for the people with limited free download hours slot on their internet connection. Clicking the button on with small clock in the main window allows you to schedule the downloads as shown below.
  • Proxy support.
  • They claim to have Internet Explorer and Firefox integration, for SKDownloader (i.e. right click to choose to download the file using SKDownloader), but for me it isn’t working with any of them, may be it works with older versions and the support for latest FF and IE versions is still to come. However if you right click any download link to copy it, then as soon as you click on add button, the link appears automatically in the download URL field.
  • Graphical and Command line both the versions available for Linux, however for Windows the Command line version will be available soon.
  • Themes available, under the ‘Tools’ you can find ‘SKDownloader configuration’ which shows a window as shown below, here you can configure it for you, themes, accelerating options etc. can be chosen.

This was all about SKDownloader, I liked this app a lot, minimal interface is something that mesmerizes me big time, moreover its fast, works awesome on Windows 7 as well, try it and tell me if you too like it the way I do.

Download SKDownloader


  1. SKDownloader now has peer-peer torrent downloading capabilities. With the sleek and minimal interface, looks very good.


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