Skin Packs for Windows 7: Angry Birds, Zune, Android and more

It’s been long for most of since we started using the Windows 7, and hence it is pretty natural that many of us would like to have a change in the look and feel of our operating system now, isn’t it? So if you too are looking for a change, here are some Skin Packs which are damn easy to install and by installing one of the skin packs from this list you will be able to have an almost complete makeover of your Windows 7.

How to install the Skin Packs –

All the Skin Packs that will be listed in this post are damn easy to install, all you need to do is download the executable file, most of this skin packs have separate installer for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. Download the one as per your requirement, and run the executable file, and soon the skin pack will be installed on your system. For almost all the skin packs offline as well as online installers are available, I have tried the offline installers and they worked fine for me, however the developer recommends the online installers.

How to uninstall a Skin Pack –

The Skin Pack installers listed here are quite smart in terms that they backup the system files before making changes in them to get the desired look and feel, and when you want to uninstall the Skin Pack the system file which have been modified are rolled back to their original state so as to make this process seamless.Procedure to uninstall is exactly like any other uninstall process. Once the uninstall process is complete you get back your original Windows 7 look and feel.

Here is the list of Skin Packs you can download for your Windows 7 –

Angry Birds Skin Pack –

This popular Android game (now available at Chrome Stores for almost any OS) doesn’t need any introduction, needless to say, this Skin Pack takes you to the Angry Birds environment, here is a snapshot, have a look.

Free Download Angry Birds Skin Pack for Windows 7

You can see here, there are loads of changes which this skin pack makes, like a Angry Birds Rio inspired Start menu, wallpaper, etc.

Download Angry Birds Skin Pack for Windows 7, both offline and online installers for 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available.

Zune Skin Pack –

The popular personal music player by the Microsoft, has an interface which kind of looks like the Metro UI, and this Skin Pack too imitates the same environment on your Windows 7 system, have a look.

Free Download Zune Skin Pack for Windows 7

This one is personal favourite, the icons after installing this skin pack look superb.

Download Zune Skin Pack for Windows 7, this too has both online and offline installers for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Android Skin Pack –

This one will feed the Android fan in you; the Pack makes the lovely Android Muscat available on most of the places on your system, also it has a Mac like launcher to launch your favourite apps. Here is snapshot, have a look.

Free Download Android Skin Pack for Windows 7

Download the Android Skin Pack for Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available for offline or online installations.

Well, if you are an Android fan but don’t want to install this Skin Pack, here is a free Android Theme for Windows 7, try it.

More Skin Packs –

There are couple of more Skin Packs by the same developer which you would like to check out, like the Neon Skin Pack (illuminate your system with neon lights), Gnome Skin Pack (this one is too tempting after seeing the snapshots, I couldn’t try it, but will soon do), Alienware Skin Pack, Lion Skin Pack, and Ubuntu Skin Pack. Another lovely Skin Pack is the Crystal Skin Pack the Windows logo looks like as if made up of beautiful Glass Crystals.

So, go ahead and get your Windows 7 dressed the way you want to, also you can have a look at another list of Skin Packs for Windows 7 by the same developer.


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