How To Skip Countdown Ads or Continue Pages

How often do countdown ads irritate you? The big timer countdown running and catchy distracts you or covers your content. Some of you would be annoyed by Continue Pages on your browser. Fortunately, you can skip countdown ads or continue pages for free and effectively use it. We will help you do the same!

What is Adsbypasser?

Adsbypasser is a JavaScript project developed on GitHub. Users are increasingly relying on it now to skip countdown and continue pages. The most surprising aspect is that it does not collect any user data and hence ensures the security and privacy of its user. Further, as it does not contain any bugs, its functionality has never disappointed any user. It’s not complex in function and hence is maintained well. It does not put your system at risk anyhow. Initially, it even solved Captcha; however, it cannot solve newer types of Captchas as it did not receive an update lately.

Adsbypasser is available in Full Edition and Lite Edition. Both differ in functionality, and we recommend you download the Full Edition for enhanced use. It lets you skip countdown ads or continue pages and restricts ad-popup windows.

How to Configure Adsbypasser

How to Skip Countdown Ads or Continue Pages?

Skipping Countdown Ads is what streamlines the browsing experience. Further, continue pages are also a feature that only some offer. Fortunately, using Adsbypasser, you can skip countdown ads or continue pages!

Here’s how you can do so:

  • Visit on your browser
  • Click on Install full Edition label
  • Now, press the Install button
  • Wait for the browser to complete installation. You do not need to learn about its setup as your system will prompt you to do, and it’s pretty easy.

Note: It is noteworthy that the tool initially solved Captcha, but now it cannot do so.

Which Browsers Does Adsbypasser Work On?

Regardless of your browser, you might be concerned about whether adsbypasser will work on it. Below mentioned is a list of the browsers or platforms on which Adblocker works:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. Safari
  5. Midori

Operating Systems do not make a difference in the working of the tool. However, browsers do make a difference. It does support common browsers but does not support derived ones.


Adsbypasser is one of the best and most effective tools to skip countdown ads or continue pages. The site has incredible engagements as it is worldwide and primarily used for the purpose. Its developer had created it on GitHub in JavaScript. As it was a GitHub project, so it’s free to use.

Though the developer is anonymous, you can head to GitHub and download it either in Full Edition or Lite Edition. It supports browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Midori. But it does not support derived browsers. With no single bug, and complete user security and privacy, it is a reliable one.

Check out adsbypasser here.

How To Bypass GPlinkss?

If you want the original link from GPlinks, then you should bypass it. All you have to do is, open a GPlinks and press the small verify button. It will redirect you, and you should get back to the main site. Further, solve the Captcha and click the Continue button. It will again redirect you.

Now, you would likewise be back out of the redirect. Scroll down till you see a second countdown. Please wait for it to be 0 and press the Get Link button. You might so you can close the redirect. Moreover, you would be back on your site and have successfully bypassed the GPlinks.

How To Bypass Uptobox Waiting Time?

None of the hacks, including an IP address, clearing cache/data, or reinstalling the browser, helped bypass Uptobox waiting time. However, you can use an alternative like Cbox, which has comparatively less waiting time than Uptobox.


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