Skipping those bad data when copying

Many a times when you copy data from old hard disks or media like DVD, an error throws up saying the file cannot be copied as the source is bad or cannot be read. This happens when there is a physical problem with the media and Windows cannot do anything about it.

Unstoppable Copier is a good solution for these kind of situation. This application is made for these situations which allows the data to be copied by skipping those non readable section from the source. Though you get most of the data back but not the file integrity. It is useful if you want to recover the home video you made or where it is affordable to miss a little of the data.

Unstoppable copier

This application keeps you informed about the data copy by giving you details of how much is skipped, number of corrupt files, how many read errors occurred. Apart from these you can choose options for file properties like ownership, time stamp etc in the advanced section.

This application is also available as standalone executable which makes it easy to carry any where you want. Supported for Windows 7 you can read and download more from the developer’s page.


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