Skype to Launch Multiplayer Gaming Portal

Skype Games have been on simple 2 player games like chess. Now Company is promoting the development of multi player and community based games. EasyBits Software is the creator of unique gaming platform for Skype network and the exclusive operator of the Skype Game Channel.Early Skype already has 200 million based users and with such huge support a multi player game will be a success. But right now they are looking for developers for casual games.

What kind of games are we looking for?
We are searching for Casual Games, preferably multiplayer so that Skype buddies can play against each other. Keep in mind Skype is a huge international community, so community based games can be an advantage. However the rules are not too strict, so if you believe that your single player game fits Skype Game Channel profile, go ahead contact us.

The GameXN framework that simplifies the task of making an existing game Skype compatible, EasyBits offers hosting, distribution, marketing, DRM and billing services to game developers.A free software development kit (SDK) is available, but the use of ActiveX in GameXN appears to rule out the creation of Skype games for platforms other than Windows, even if those versions of Skype catch up with Skype for Windows’ support of Extras.

The role of GameXN are conducting superstructure providing the following services:

  • Selecting the game and players
  • Connecting those players
  • Performing data transfer
  • Managing the created connections

According to the arstechnicia Ddevelopers will be able to charge for their games, which will only be playable through Skype. However who will determine the game price is unclear

I think this is a great news for people who have passion for developing games. This will not only open the doors for making money but also get some name. Skype is the biggest p2p network and making it a success will be easy. I wrote a similar article on How P2P can revolutionize the way we get our music where music artist can really make money with extra profits. Do take a look!!!


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