Small standalone desktop agent for Google Translate

We have posted about AIRTranslate, an Adobe AIR application, actually a desktop agent for accessing the Google’s Translate service.

Here, we will be talking about another desktop agent for Google Translate, known as Google Translate Desktop.

Google Translate Desktop comes as a small zip download, and is a standalone application, and can be used on both Windows and Linux.

Here is a snapshot of the program; the interface is damn simple, and very easy to use.

I don’t think any further description is needed for this application.

Though this application doesn’t show the Auto Detect in the drop down, like the AIRTranslate, but still, it Auto Detects, and Translates to target language, irrespective of the language specified as Source language for the translations.

So go ahead and make a choice for you, try The Google Translate Desktop or the AIRTranslate.


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