Easily Manage multiple Remote Desktop Connections with RD Organizer

Remote Desktop Connections is one of the most used inbuilt application in Windows, Specially by System Admins or Developers who connect to a lot of remote machines to either deploy or fix computers.

In Windows it is possible to save each such Remote desktop connection settings including credentials as .RDP file but if you have a lot of them, it becomes difficult to manage each of them as an individual file. So today, we are introducing you to an application which allows you to manage each of such connections.

Remote Desktop Organizer :

Quick Features :

  • Useful when you have multiple users for a single desktop connection. You can switch quickly.
  • Remember all your connection in one place and can backup it up.
  • Allows multiple remote connections, making it easier for you to switch between them.
  • Works in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server edition of 32 and 64 Bit.

Once you install this application and launch it, you will get a windows which looks like the image below. It has two things in the tree view format. One is called as ID Cards and Second is called as Connections.

Remote Desktop Organizer


ID Card :

This credential manager lets you create cards where you can store username / password which you can use with connection manager to apply to any new connection.

RDC Create Card

Now you can add a password directly to any connection but of you have a lot of connection with same credentials, it is better to create a card and then apply that card to that group. So any time you change the password for set of machines you dont have to bother for all.

RDC Apply Card

Connections :

The remote desktop connections have all the features which you see while using the windows remote desktop connection and it also supports Gateway if you are connecting through VPN. You can also connect to console of remote machine and change the port number if required.

RDC Settings

In this section, you can change your ID card if you want, which can be different from the default id card applied to the connection.

Quick Connection :

If you want to quickly connect to any remote machine, without saving anything in this software, you can use the Quick Connection mode which can be initiated either by using the quick connection icon, available in bottom left or go to Settings > Quick Connect.

Quick Connection RDO

Backup / Restore All Connections

This application also allows you to backup all your credentials and settings which can be restored later. This is useful when you are switching computer or have refreshed your computer.

Backup RDO Settings



Download RDO from here

Troubleshooting Tips :

In case you are not able to login to a remote computer, make sure that Remote Desktop is enabled on that particular computer. To check this follow the steps below :

  • Go to System Properties in Windows ( You can find it, when you are on My Computer or just make a search for it on Start menu )
  • Select Remote Tab  and make sure to choose  the options which allows remote connection.


  1. HI Ashish,
    i worked with RDO and last week the software show me just grey screen.
    i tried to reinstall the software and i checked my file on other machine and everything working fine.
    i also tried to update Java and flash if needed
    any other idea what can be the root cause for that?

  2. Truth,

    Try a little research before reacting buddy. You are probably trying to use RDO Version 1.4.4. Try downloading the latest version (1.4.5) from here… http://appmazing.bitbucket.org/

    This adds functionality for Remote Desktop Client Version 8. i.e.RDO for Windows 8 and Server 2012.

    In addition, it fixes the issue whereby RDO stops working in Windows 7 after installing MS update (or better known as MS patch), specifically KB2592687. This patch updates Remote Desktop from V7 to V8.

    For info, I’ve been using RDO for years as my preferred Remote Desktop tool. I find it outstanding with regards to organising Remote Desktop connections.

    Hope this helps

    Steve B

  3. I have the same issue as Roee,

    it is showing grey screen i tried many times to re-install but no luck, while same binaries and same connections file is working on other machines 🙁


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