Smart Paste from Notepad to Excel

By default when you paste something in excel it gets copied in just one cell which might not be just your requirement. Generally if you paste something in excel it will appear in the cell you selected it. This becomes difficult. Now lets say you want to paste in such a way that some of the text appear in first column and some in second and so on, how do you do that ?

Smart Paste from Notepad to Excel

Its the same way we did for power point presentation. I call it power of tabs used in notepad and used in Microsoft Office applications. Just arrange the same way we did for Power point and either you can copy paste it in excel or just open it with excel. Check the image above , because of the new line they appear in different cells and tabs make them shift to next columns.


  1. Hi… I cant seem to multiply any decimal numbers in excel 2007? Eg. I cant multiply 10 * 2.2 BUT I can multiply 10*2? . Could you help?

  2. I’ve got a problem where pasting from a text document to Excel causes quotation marks to disappear. is there some way to make Excel not delete the quotation marks, because I have 4000 lines of dialogue to copy.

  3. Never mind, I found out you can paste in “”” (three quotation marks) to get a single quotation mark to appear.


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