Smart Power keeps your computer on when your network devices are

It has happened many a times with me that my computer goes to standby when I am playing game on my XBox and this disconnects me from the internet as the login to my ISP is controlled on my windows machine. If you are in similar situation, Smart Power is an excellent solution.

Smart Power software can be used to turn off /hibernate / shutdown your computer but if you add a rule like the situation above it will keep your computer up. This application monitors :

  • Devices based on IP address on your network.
  • Network Throughput or how much bandwidth you are consuming from a particular connection. So you can add your wireless adapter in its monitoring system.
  • CPU usage.
  • Watch a process.
  • If a service is running.

And  you can configure a delay of few minutes so if you are around with this running you can save any unsaved data. Apart from monitoring devices, Smart power can be scheduled for all days or any particular day in week.

Smart Power Options

SmartPower is installed as a service so anytime want to stop using it just go to services.msc and look for Smart power service. Double click and choose to disable or manual run.

Overall this application is very handy if you want to keep your computer on or off based on network devices like taking  a backup from storage device or while doing a file transfer. Download it from here Via Jason


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