Smart Watch & Smallest GPS Tracker unveiled at CES 2013

Looks like the future is not far when we will have everything on our wrist and mobiles will be replaced with some kind augment reality and watch in combination. I’m , the Italian company which introduced to the first smart watch last year has introduced another in their series I’m here which includes GPS tracker making it a perfect devices if you want to track where your kid is while they fancy having a watch!!

I’m Here

This is the smallest and cute looking sophisticated GPS tracker that identifies its position using the SIM card inside the tracker.  Since this is so small you can just put one in your kids bag or even their pockets so in case they get lost somewhere, you can get online and find the geographical position of the person. There is an app available for it which you can use it on your smartphone.

Now in case the person is bit grown up and knows about the device, he or she can even raise an SOS call using the small button on the device.  This is specially useful for elders who are physically very weak. The SOS call is made to a predefined by the company. For the design seekers, the device is pretty much fashion ready and can be used using it strap or can get attached to the jacket.

I Am here

i’m Here can be purchased at €129.00 including VAT or at $169.00 and it will be available from the end of April. It can also be pre-ordered on the website without pre-payment and includes 200 free geolocalizations, after which they will cost €0.05 each. Credit can be purchased on i’market, which is used for other i’m Watch apps.

I’m Watch :

I am Watch

Features of I’m Watch :

  • Smart Tethering : Since it uses GPS to get the tracking done, an intelligence is built into the watch which makes sure that battery lasts long i.e for 2 days by connecting only when required.
  • Cloud Ready : You can manage all the data and apps via the cloud. In fact you can manage your watch using an app on your phone.
  • Capture Images : Using the cloud you can even take images without anybody noticing making it into a perfect Spy Kid Accessory!!
  • Music : You can also use this watch to stream music and listen to them on demand.
  • App Store : There is an app store ready for the watch with hundreds of app already available for Games, Office, Music etc. Instagram App is also available.
  • Gestures : You can shake to hang up an incoming call or end it.


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