Smarter ways to Manage and Unplug USB devices

It is commonly understood that you should never turn off or unplug any device all of a sudden. The primary reason for this is that the particular piece of hardware might be in use by a software or the Operating system itself and might cause unwanted hardware failures.

Keeping this in mind we decided to come up with a hands on guide for USB devices and software recommendations.

Few facts you should know about your  USB device :

  • Whenever you plug in any USB device, Windows do recognizes it and pops up an icon which shows all the USB devices connected.  Anytime you want to disconnect you can use this place to eject or unplug your usb connected device first and then physically unplug it.
  • Its always a good practice to first copy the data which you would like to use from USB device to your hard drive. This way not only your work will get done faster but also you will be less bombarding your device.
  • Most of the USB thumb drives come with an activity light. Make sure the light is not blinking and is turned off. This is an indication that there is no disk activity going on.
  • And lastly dont get on a War with the USB connector when its time to unplug. Do it slowly else not only you will damage your connector you might damage the port on the computer.

Our Recommended and tested softwares for managing USB Devices better :

USB Disk Ejecter : An excellent freeware with Command line support, mobile mode and easy interface to remove USB devices safely. USB Disk Ejector
USB Device view :  This application is little bit complex but very useful. It gives you a detailed view of all USB devices connected and allows you to even generate a report of it.

Chk Flash : A disk checking software for flash drives which helps you to rectify Read / Write / Logical and Physical Errors. This increase your flash drive life and your data integral.

Check Flash Drive for Read / Write errors

Flash Drive reminder : If you forget to take off your USB device when you get off the sit, this application  wont let you forget . Excellent software if you are loosing money because you loose your USB more often.

Prevent write access to USB drives with USB write protector : Worried that your USB can be infected by a virus when you plug in to a computer which you are not sure of ? USB Write protector cna lock down your USB and doesnt allow anybody or any software to copy a file into.

Dev Eject : An excellent app if you want to find out which programs are blocking your drive and kill them. Read more here

These are the ways we recommend to manage your USB devices. How about you ? Which software you had been using ? What practices you follow ? Share with us in comments.


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