SnagIt Tips and Tricks : Capturing Multiple areas ( Window or Web Page )

By default SnagIt allows you to capture a single region on a screen or window. What If you want to capture multiple areas of a window or a web page in one go. Say You want to take some part on header and some from the body or randomly from any where. Here is the way to do it. ( If you still have not downloaded it links are the end )

Capturing Multiple Areas

SnagIt comes with an inbuilt ability which you need to activate , so that you can capture different regions. Here is the way to do it.

  • Open SnagIt and Scroll down to Profile area
  • Now among the 4 areas ( Input, Output, Effects and Options) , take a look at the Options.
  • You will be seeing 6 icons among which one is Double Window. Select it

Snagit Multiple Window Options


  • Now get ready with a window you want to capture and hit the camera button or capture button.
  • Now the trick is, You should select any region by using mouse + left click and then repeat it
  • All you captured sections will be inverted in color ( which makes sure you know what you captured )
  • After you are done, right click and click on Finish, If not you can say restart or cancel. Look at the image for better understanding

Capturing Multiple Parts of a Webpage


However the Images wont be put together when you finish, The SnagIt editor maintains the distance between them as they were on the page itself

How Multiple Snapshots Look like



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