SnagIt Tips and Tricks : Capturing Links and embed in PDF or Flash

SnagIt allows you to capture a web page with links and make it more interactive by adding text or image pop up and converting them into flash , PDF format or save it as html and the good news is its damn easy!. So if you want to capture a web page and make it a flash video out of it, you can start doing it along with me now. Let’s Begin!

Its divided into 4 parts 1. Enabling Link capture, 2. Activating Flash Hotspots, 3. Editing Advanced Flash Animation and 4. Making a Flash or PDF with links

Enabling Link Capture


  • Open SnagIt and Go to Profile section
  • Click on the Input part and you will see a menu. Click on the “Keep Links”
  • Keep the web site or page open and capture an image

Capture Links with Snagit Options

Activating Flash Hotspots

  • After you capture the image, it will open in SnagIt editor. Now on the right hand side bottom , look for Links/Hotspots item. Click on it
  • Now all the links within the captured images will be highlighted with red. Select one of them and you will be able to add tooltip and link address. Edit them as your wish and you are just closer to the last step.

Flash Hotspots in Screen capture


Editing Advanced Flash Animations

Now you just don’t want to edit the links and create a flash out of it right!!. We need to add some interaction to it. Right under the link address, you will see “Advanced Flash Hotspot”, Click on it and fun part begins.

  • With this, you will able to add Text or an Image annotation or simply make an image or a text appear when somebody hover’s its mouse on the link.
  • Additionally you can do a Mouse Over Highlight too. Pretty Cool eh!

Capturing Links in Snagit


Creating a Flash / PDF

Now since we have done so much of hard work we will bring it in action. I am going to make a flash so after finishing all the stuff just save it in .SWF format and play it. A small example is right below. It’s a flash you will be able to click the links. ( Hover mouse over “^ cool extensions….”) Simple and straight!!



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