Snippy – A Portable (Freehand) Screen Capture Tool

Snippy is a light weight portable screen capture tool, you can capture the required area with free hand drawing, and then paste into any image editor for further processing.

As said it’s a portable application, so no installation required simply click on the downloaded file and it launches a tray icon, clicking on this tray icon allows you to take the screen shot as per your requirement.

One of the major advantage is :

When Snippy captures a screen region, it is saved as a temporary file which is recycled later. If you are pasting multiple cut-out regions into a single email or document, Snippy may eventually start to re-use the files before you have had a chance to save the document.

In general you won’t run into this problem unless you have more than 16 cut-out regions in a single email. Note that this applies only when you are copying multiple cut-outs to a single email or document; if you send out several emails in a row, each with 4 or 5 cut-outs, it will work just fine.

It’s is quick, simple and free.!!!  Try Snippy

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