Softwares to Turn off monitor when not required

Turning off monitor when not required is one habit I have gained in Office.  We all know how  much IT industry spends on electricity and according to one analysis much can be saved. So here we have two programs which are equally good and you can choose one of the depending on your work environment and need.


This software can turn of your monitor automatically when you lock your work station. We did an in depth review on how you can use it. It has advanced to a next level and now can do a lot more like :

  • Set your IM status to idle or away
  • Pause your media programs. It supports 16 different media players.
  • It can must sound in Windows XP
  • Supports Ubuntu and has a portable version.
Turn off monitor


This is an equally cool program to turn off monitor but there is small difference. You can either choose to turn of monitor alone or lock it along with it. So you can use this to avoid unlocking hassle every time.  Also You can create short cut keys and screen saver keys if required.  Read more about it here


This small application does what it says. Turns your monitor off with a double click. This is small utility developed by Shobankr who also developed Tweet My PC, an application which remote controls your PC using twitter.

Turn off monitor with dark


Push Off Monitor

Use SHIFT + F1 to turn off your monitor and a keypress or mouse movement turns it on. Read more about it

Push Monitor Off
Push Monitor Off

Off when Locked :

This application turns of your monitor when you lock your computer. Many a times we just lock and leave waiting lot of energy while the monitor is turned off for next few minutes. Read more on it here

Turn monitor off when you lock


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