Soluto figures applications which slows Windows Boot

Past couple of months my computer running Windows 7 started taking lot of time to boot.  The problem wasn’t the actual boot process but what happened once I logged into my user account.  Couple of applications were loading, messenger auto login and so on.  So what I did was remove some of the applications from starting and even delayed them but it seems there is lot more things loading in.

Now taking into consideration that my Windows 7 Installation is now 2 years old and is migrated from beta to alpha to final version, I might be having lot of unwanted stuff which I had though of using and never checked back or services which are not required, I was recommended this new application, Soluto which can help find what is wrong with the boot process.

What is Soluto ?

Soluto is a software which first finds out how much time your computer takes to boot and then make list of applications that run at the time of boot.  It then recommends you to remove from boot or delay it so the applications are launched in background and you can still use your computer.  Overall you will be able to remove applications or delay it from boot time so you do not have to wait for minutes before you can start using your computer.

Soluto Boot Analysis

How Soluto Works ?

Once your computer boot time and installed products are analyzed, it  gives you recommendations which are driven my mix of their expertise and basis of what other computer users who installed soluto and recommend what should be done.

Since every user is different a pie chart gives you idea of what most of the users are doing. For example if there is a messenger service which automatically starts,  most will say to delay it as you require it after sometime and if there is a webcam service most users will recommend to start on demand as you do not need it right after you start using your computer.

How to use Soluto ?

Using this is no brainer. Download this application from here and install it. Once installation is complete it will ask you to reboot.  On Reboot it will start analyzing loading time and all  applications installed. Done that it will prepare three categories :

  • No Brainer
  • Potentially Re-moveable.
  • Cannot be removed with Soluto yet.

You need to mouse hover each of them to see the list of apps.For each app there is recommendation given along with how other users use it. You can Pause and Delay,

Soluto Recommendation for Applications

You can click on the advanced section to learn more about it. For example you can know why it boots, how much time it takes, when it was installed in your computer, the exe name, Disk Load etc.

Soluto Boot Analysis Advaced Recommendation

How to add applications to Boot process again ?

All the applications which you paused or delayed are put into another class called as Removed Application which you can find on the Boot Screen at the end. To bring back , select in Boot. You can also switch between Delay and Pause or remove all the apps in one click.

Soluto Removed Applications

History of Installed Programs ?

Soluto can also find list of programs which were installed since the start. You can use this to find if you are using the program any more and uninstall if not required.

Soluto PC History

Video demo of Soluto

Direct Link


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