Sonar technique in computers saves electricity

No ground breaking technology here but the best software to turn of your monitor when you are not there even for 5 seconds. Yup that is what Sonar Power management software does and it passed our test for one complete day.

This application has 2 ways of detecting if a user is sitting before computer or not.

  • Producing ultrasonic sound from your speaker and detecting it back using the microphone.
  • If there is no mouse or keyboard activity.
Sonar diagram
Sonar diagram

Once your run the program it starts creating levels to decide your presence and keeps on checking. As soon as you move the level drops and it turns of the monitor. In case your speakers cannot produce ultra sonic sound it will use mouse / keyboard movements to track it.

Sonar Power Management
Sonar Power Management

Tips on using Sonar Power Management :

  • Make sure your speakers are facing towards you. If your laptop speakers are horizontal it wont work that perfectly. Use external speakers or even a headphone positioned properly will work.
  • You will be asked for Mouse movements when the software creates level. Use it normally like opening a file or folder etc. Dont just brush too slow or too fast.

Download Sonar Power Management


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