How to find if a website supports SOPA and access SOPA Restricted Websites

SOPA has created a lot of horror already even though its good from a certain point of view but bringing down websites which distribute copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods is not a solution and on top of that the side effect can create disaster e.g. what if one day your website is marked with SOPA and your work of life will be gone in seconds.

So now there are many companies which are with SOPA Bill and many against it and So today I am listing down some extensions for Firefox and Chrome which will help you find if a website supports  SOPA and help you access websites which are blocked by your company because it supports SOPA.

Disclaimer : These are tools which you can use but I am not responsible for anything that happens when you use this tool and after that. I am writing this because I feel Freedom is necessary and binding rules around will always restrict growth.

No Sopa  :

If your business is concerned about dealing with companies online or offline but has an online presence like a website, this extension can let you know if they support it with a warning message on top of the website. Every time you visits a website, the url of the website is checked with a local list in the extension which makes sure there is no delay. The list is kept updated.

SOPA Supported Websites

This extension is built by Tony Webster, as open source project which you can find here.  In case you see your website is listed here but you do not support SOPA, get in touch with the developer to get it off. Download Extension here

GoDaddy Detector :

GoDaddy supprted SOPA which resulted in lot of domain transfer from them to other registrar. Infact there was a recent issue where suspected on GoDaddy blocking transfer but was resolved later.

Now if you have a lot of domains registered through many companies and you do not remember which domain is registered with GoDaddy, This extension can let you know on that by putting a sad icon on the address bar.

Website hosted on GoDaddy

Again another open source project | Downlaod Chrome Extension here

DeSopa :

Access SOPA Restricted Websites

If your company or the Cyber Cafe supports SOPA and has restricted visiting websites, DeSopa extension for Firefox can let you visit bypassing the restrictions.

Working of the extension is very simple, it check the URL and replaces it with its IP address but in backstage. You see it same way on the browser but in the cache and browser session response goes via IP which fools the restriction and since it is cached, IP address is used for future request also.

There are drawbacks for this method where it can fail if IP is used in Firewall but chances are low for it because generally a single IP address can be used to serve multiple websites which means it is possible that many other websites which are not under SOPA  can also be blocked. Download extension 

What does it Feel like being in SOPA :

What is SOPA Bill did get passed, How easy will it be for a corporate to bring down your website or any website which they think is hurting their copyrights ? SOPA Lens extension brings you a view of that.  It lets you play the role of a person who is going to file a complaint using the SOPA Bill to Congress.

SOPA Bill Complaint



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