Close duplicate tabs in Firefox and Chrome

It’s common to open the same URL in the browser again and again. Having so many tabs, it makes it confusing, and many don’t realize that they have opened the same page again. So in this post, I am sharing extensions/add-ons for both Firefox and Google to help you close duplicate tabs, and also sort the tabs by URL.

Close duplicate tabs in Firefox and Chrome

The first two extensions are for Firefox and the latter two are for Firefox.

  • Close Duplicate Tabs
  • Clutter Free – Prevent duplicate tabs
  • Close Duplicate Tab Closer
  • Foxy Tab

Foxy Tab is a powerful extension to manage tabs, and also lets you Sort by URL/Title, Asc/Desc, Move, Reload, Reload Timer

Close Duplicate Tabs

Close Duplicate Tabs in Firefox

IT can identify URLs which are open in multiple tabs and closes all instances retaining one. The URL has to be an exact match to be considered as a duplicate URL or duplicate tab.

Download from here

Clutter Free – Prevent duplicate tabs

If you are looking for an advanced version to mana duplicate tabs, Clutter-Free is a great option. It can help you prevent duplicate tabs. Like the above extension, as soon a duplicate tab opens, it will be marked. Click on the extension, and you can view all the duplicate tabs in one place.

Then it offers exhaustive options, and it is specifically for those who need to manage duplicate URLs, else its an overkill. You can whitelist URLs, use context menu, highlight duplicate URL with different color or shade and so on.


Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Show tab search window, or trigger extension button action: Ctrl+Shift+F (Listed as ‘Activate the extension’)
  • Duplicate tab: Alt+Shift+D
  • Whitelist page: None
  • Whitelist domain: Ctrl+Shift+L
  • Move tab to the last position in the window: Ctrl+Shift+X
  • Switch between active & passive modes: None

Download from here

Close Duplicate Tab Closer

Close Duplicate Tabs FIrefox

Its time to talk about Firefox Add-ons and this one is equally powerful as the above. You can choose to close tab automatically so you never have a duplicate tab, or let the extension monitor, and update the badge icon to indicate the number of duplicate tabs detected.

You can then configure what happens with the currently active tab. You can choose to move it to the end which is useful when you want to sort out the tabs. It also supports

  • Whiltelist options: List of URLs to not close automatically.
  • Priority options:
    • Keep older tab (default)
    • Keep an older tab and reload
    • Keep newer tab
    • Keep tab with https (default on)
    • Keep pinned tab (default on)
  • Filters options
  • Scope options
  • Customization options top define colors for duplicate tabs with rules.
  • Hotkey: Alt+Shift+W to close all duplicate tabs

Download from here

Foxy Tab

It is an ultimate add-on which offers a range of actions for tabs. You can close duplicate tabs, close tabs which are on left or right, copy the title, merge tabs, copy URLs, Sort by URL/Title, Asc/Desc, Move, Reload, Reload Timer, and so on.

Foxy Tabs Close Duplicate Tabs

Download from here



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