Sound stops working on Dell laptop / computer [ Solution ]

Due to some explained reason my sound disappears and stops working on my dell laptop sometimes. I cant hear anything none of the audio device seems to be working. I tried playing the music but nothing, all I used to do was a restart. But today I found a simple solution which can make the sound working again in like 2 seconds ?.

Here are the steps :

  • Type Services.msc in the run dialog box [ Win Key + R ]
  • This will open all the services running in your computer.
  • Look for Windows Audio Services.
  • Select it and restart from the button that’s availble in top menu.
  • Play a music or anything with sound and you will see it working again.
Restart Audio Services in Windows XP and Windows Vista
Restart Audio Services in Windows XP and Windows Vista

This is the best and easy way to re gain your sound without restarting. I am using Windows Vista but this should be same in Xp or any other windows machine.


  1. ctrl shift escape
    and then go to services also works
    rightclicking your ‘speaker’ in the rightbottom of your screen and selecting ‘sounds’ makes windows prompt you with ‘do you want to start audio service’

    there are other ways too, but i find these very handy
    have not found any permanent decent solution tough
    easy way might also be to make a shortcut (with quickbuttons) for starting the service

    sorry for engrish


  2. yeah I have this frustrating problem also.. It only happens when im downloading something at high speed and usually when im playing a computer game at the same time. Sound just stops working, only thing that fixes it usually is logging off and back again.. Sometimes also it can be fixed by disabling your sound device in device manager and re enabling it (without reboot).
    But this seems an easier and more affective solution. Thanks for the tip, I will be trying this out in future 🙂

  3. Unfortunately none of these solutions work for me, running XP (SP3) on a Dell Latitude e6400. All drivers kept updated, etc…

    The problem seems to be triggered by flash with Firefox (3.0 up to 3.5.x). E.g. some YouTube, or more often FaceBook game-apps…


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