Split and Merge PDF Files online

Significance of PDF files and the PDF tools in a computer user’s life is totally unquestionable. We often need to merge, split, or extract a particular page from a PDF file. Here is an online tool, ILovePDF, which can merge multiple PDF files, split a PDF file, and the splitting feature has an option to extract pages as well.

The interface is simple and easy to use; simply click on the option based upon your choice of merging or splitting PDF file.

Merge and Split PDF files online ILovePDF

Now in order to merge multiple PDF files in one, select files by pressing the ‘Ctrl’ key and it will start uploading the PDF files, and soon after the processing is complete, it will give you the download link (valid for 15 minutes) and will also prompt you to download the new PDF file. It directly allows you to download the new file in PDF format.

In the same way, split operation can be performed, click on Split PDF and then choose a PDF file, decide the pages, and click on the ‘Split PDF’ file and soon like the merge option this too will give you a download link.

ILovePDF Split PDF files online

Unlike merging, it doesn’t allow you to download the PDF file directly; instead you can download the zip file and unzip it to get the PDF file.

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  1. Yeah! these online tools make us easier to merge pdf files easily and quickly without downloading any software.

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