Starter Guide to Google Drive

One of the most awaited feature from Google has finally taken shape of reality, the Google Drive is here which in its true nature is the Google Document section which is upgraded to store any kind of files along with documents. We will take a look into this with more details.

Introduction to Google Drive :

Similar to Dropbox and Skydrive, Google Drive is also an online storage solution which syncs files and folders across devices, using  software for your computer,  but it comes with power of Google Document,  which is a feature of  Google Drive,  similar to  Office feature of Skydrive. So the basic line is that you have the power of storage, with the feature of Google Docs, Online Collaboration and more integration to come in the future.

How to create a Google Drive Account and Install on computer :

All you need is point your browser to and follow the steps carefully and then download the software for your computer. When the software is ready to use, it will ask you to login, where you need to enter the actual username and password even if you have the 2 way authentication enabled in your account.

Features of Google Drive Client

Google Drive has done a pretty decent job by making few options available from the launch which many Dropbox users will expect if they plan to move to Google Drive for primary things.

  • It is possible to pause syncing, which comes in very handy, if all of a sudden there is spike and lot or a huge file start consuming your bandwidth.
  • Option to view Online Drive Account and also open shared document interface.
  • You can choose which folders to sync from your Online Account along with the default documents you already have on your root folder.

Google Drive Features

Advance Features in Google Drive

Google drive is essentially the Google Docs, so it carries the power of those features as well. So if, you are new to Google Drive and never used Google Docs heavily before, this will be helpful.

Google Docs are linked File : Similar to Skydrive, any document created online, in Google Drive is only a link to the web document.

Enable Offline Viewing :  This feature of Google Docs allows you to enable offline viewing if you enable it using Chrome. This makes sure you have access to the files even when offline. Read more on this.

Remove Google Docs Files :When you enable this from preferences, it removes any document file which you had created online from your computer and if you add any new file, it will never be synced here.

Compare Google Docs Files :  If you have a couple of files to compare, move them into a folder and then Right click on the folder and select open. This launches the folder in a Pane Preview Mode where you can see list of all the documents in the left hand pane and bigger preview in the left pane. This is useful to  switch between documents, compare them side by side and even editing description of the documents.

Revisions : You can also view the revisions of all documents done and revert back from any of the last 30 days changes.

However Google Driver like SkyDrive, misses Dropbox Like notification System!!

Need more space ? Pricing for more storage space

Google Storage Plan comes in Three flavors where 25Gb can be taken up for 2.49$ a month, 100Gb for 4.99$ and then you have plans broken down for 200 Gb and so on up to 16GB.  The real advantage here is that with this space you also get 25Gb space for your Gmail.

This means if you really are into Google Products, this is a nice to have package for you.

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