Stock market like news ticker on your desktop

We all have seen the rolling , scrolling headlines on TV, stock exchange and many other places which is pretty much helpful for people who just want to know the headline or the rates. Based on similar lines Feed Roller runs a news ticker on your desktop showing you news title, summary, age and source.

Feed Roller uses a caching technique i.e. it downloads all news items into a temporary area before it starts displaying. I imported like 400 feeds inside and this tool a little time for the feed roller to start. So if you are doing the same dont panic, give it sometime and it will start soon.

Features of Feed Roller :

  • Supports import and export of OPML file.
  • If you use it heavily, you can pin it to the desktop on top or bottom.
  • There are pre configured hot keys which you can use to open, scroll lock etc to interact with the news.
  • You can subscribe to feeds directly from Firefox into feed roller.
  • High customizable both in terms of Windows Environment, colours and rolling options.
  • Comes with a portable version which you can carry on USB any where along with your feed list and configuration files.

Download and read more details on feed roller


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