Stop accidental mouse movements [ touch pad ] while typing on laptop ?

Many a time when I am writing a post or email it becomes very irritating because 30% of my time goes into getting the focus back to my writing board. Why? My palm touches the touch pad and pointer moves somewhere else. Also I have experienced that if you are reading a document the pointer get on to previous paragraph and I start typing there.

Touch freeze example
Accidental Mouse movement example

There are few of the common problems which many laptop users face and Touch Freeze brings a good solution.  This application once installed tracks if you are hitting the keyboard or not i.e. typing, if yes it will freeze the touch pad so even if you do accidentally touch it there is no movement reflected in the pointer. As soon as you stop typing it enables the touchpad back.

There is configuration or menus for this application, it just installs and sits quietly doing the job it should. Download Touch Freeze @ Code Google


  1. I have Windows 7,. and this beautiful application has worked wonders for me. No more mouse jumping around! No more pages of work vanishing! Thanks SO much for the information and referral.


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