Strong passwords which you need not to remember

Strong password is one thing every online users should have for any damn account he or she uses. Its required and suggested but in order to remember them, specially with those one caps, one number etc, it becomes really tedious. How about using a password like 1234 and make it as complex as Ax9Di&a ? and still need not to remember it ?

Sounds little “dont make me a fool” types but you can do that with help of  Super Gen Pass. This site gives you a bookmark which can change those  text in your password into a strong one.

Super gen pass

So next time you want to login just type the simple password, click on Super gen pass bookmarklet and it automatically converts it into a string one.

How does it work ?

When generating passwords, SuperGenPass ignores subdomains and only uses the primary domain name of the website. This ensures that the same password is generated at,, and, no matter where you are on the site. Read more here

As a summary, just use simple password and convert them into string when you login. Remember to use it when you register for any site so you get the same password again when you login. Try Super Gen Pass

Also Manav has talked about another tool,Simple and Secure Passwords , which works on similar lines. Do check out that too.