Generate Strong passwords which you need not remember

A strong password is one thing every online user should have for an account he or she uses. Its required and suggested, but to remember them, especially with those which are complicated, it becomes tedious. Today we are sharing SuperGenPass. While you use a simple password that you can remember, the bookmarklet which the service offers can convert it into a complex password, all you need to remember is your simple password. So next time you want to log in type the simple password, click on Super gen pass bookmarklet, and it automatically converts it into a strong one. Here is how to generate strong passwords which you need not remember.

Generate Strong passwords which you need not remember

When generating passwords, SuperGenPass ignores subdomains and only uses the primary domain name of the website. It ensures that the same password is generated at, and, no matter where you are on the site.

The password is not stored anywhere. It uses an algorithm based on domain. When you type the password you remember, it will use the hash algorithm to transform a master password into unique, complex passwords for the Web sites you visit. If either your master password or the domain name of the Web site changes, even by one character, the generated password will be drastically different.

Before generating a password using this bookmarklet, click on it, and create a master password. Next time when you are at the login page, click on the bookmarklet. It will look like this

strong passwords not remember

Enter your simple password, then master password, and it will generate the password for you. It will also fill in the password box automatically.

The best part is that if you visit a fake website that looks like it, and you fill in the password, it will not work. Because it uses the URL as its base to generate a password, and a phishing website will have a different URL.

As a summary, use a simple password and convert them into a string when you log in. Remember to use it when you register for any site, so you get the same password again when you log in. Try Super Gen Pass



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