Surf Online Images in 3D with PicLens ( Flickr and Facebook included )[ Online Tools ]

If you are getting bored of looking the images the traditional way i.e scrolling up and down left and right, Its time to go 3D. PicLens is an online utility which allows you to surf all the images on sites like Google Images, Flickr , Picasa Facebook and more, in a 3d Gallery.

What’s the advantage ?

  • You need not to Look where images are , It picks up all images and display in 3d Gallery
  • No scrolls, Just move left and its Sweeps sweetly to left and show you Images. Click on one you like and it zooms it for you .
  • It can increase your productivity by reducing the time you spend on finding images. Just do a quick surf and you are done.

Update: I found some more features when I was showing this to my friend Durai ( my Roommate )

  • It can work as slide show.
  • In case of Google Search in shows all the image which comes in hundreds of result in Google.
  • You can enable this for your site too. They have plugin for wordpress bloggers too. read more here

Drawback As I see:

  • I can’t Save images directly. Thus even though its shows hundreds of result in one shot I cant find where it is.

Its an awesome service you just don’t want to miss. They have it for all browsers Firefox (Windows), Firefox (Mac), Internet Explorer and Safari. . Check out he images below for Google Images, Flickr and Facebook.

Thanks to Abhijeet ( Guy above ) for tipping me on this . He had been reading blogs for like 3-4 yrs and on his way to start blogging too. Good luck man,.

Check out PicLens


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