Switch brings multi user profile to iPad for Browsers

iOS doesn’t have a multi user concept like Windows though it supports multi tasking now which makes it  a bit less secure unless you have locked it with pass code and going one step ahead, secured it using the feature of Mobile ME.

Having no multi user profile whatever you have browsed is open to anybody who gets accessed to your iPad and there is no way to avoid it. Keeping this in mind, Michael O’Brien came up with Switch. This iPad app lets you manage password protected multiple user profile with guest account for those unwanted users.

Switch Multi User Browser login

Switch Guest Profile

The switch button is like an add-on for the safari browser is available on top right of the browser. For guest account the history,cookies and all other details are deleted as soon as you make a switch or close the application.

There are a couple of drawbacks for this application. It uses Safari in background but features like bookmarks,open new tab etc are missing. Now this will make me only use this application for mu accounts which I don’t want to open to anybody.  This application costs $5 , get it from here


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