Switch Default Sound Device from Command Line : Windows

If you have a couple of sound cards installed on your windows machine for recording or editing purpose, then switching them is a common activity for you. Though Windows provides a clean user interface to do this but it takes a couple of steps to do that and sometimes it is even buggy which I did face with my Bluetooth Device.So what you need is a one click switch option to change default device to one you want.

Set as Default Device

NirSoft recently updated their command line tools with 3 new tools which works on Volume / Sound control options of windows. One of such tools is setdefaultsounddevice which when run from command tools with argument as device name, the change is instant.

The other two tools are :

  • setsubunitvolumedb : This allows to volume level in DB. It doesn’t support percentage till now so you might get confused.
  • mutesubunitvolumeĀ  : This allows you to mute any of the sound device like Mic, Line In etc.

Switch Default Device Commandline

How to use this :

  • Download the software from here ( Scroll to the end of the page to find download link )
  • click to install in Windows Directory.
  • Now Lets say you have two playback device “Device One” and “Device Two”
  • Right click on desktop and click on New > Shortcut. Type in C:\Windows\nircmdc.exe. Assuming your Windows Directory is in C :
  • Once shortcut is ready, right-click on it and select properties > Target
  • Here you need to add command option that will help you switch.
  • For Device One it should be C:\Windows\nircmd.exe setdefaultsounddevice “deviceone”, change “deviceone” to “devicetwo”

Switch Default Device Shortcut

You can also type in the same thing over command line and it will work. The idea of shortcut so you can switch faster else it will cumbersome again. Find more details here

Video demo : How to change default playback devices

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