Quickly Switch Between Two Internet Connection on Your Computer

Many a times your Computer is connected to more than one Internet Connection. It can be  Two Wi-Fi or a combination of Wi-Fi and LAN. When you want to switch between them, you disconnect from one, disabling is most commonly practiced, so your computer automatically picks up the other connection.

Though its a very easy task but it involves couple of steps. You need to find your Network Settings, then find the connection and then connect. Most of who happen to have a laptop with WIFI Enable Disable switch do it rather quickly.

NetConnectChoose,  a recently released application for Windows 7, Windows 8, makes your job very easy. When you launch this application it displays list of networks which have active internet connection. The default internet connection is marked with a Green Correct sign.

Net Connect Choose

Now when you wish to change your default internet connection, select one of the connection to which you desire to switch and press F8. This sets this as default connection. If you want to temporarily switch between connection without setting the connection as default, Press F9. The later condition should be the most used case among users.

Apart from listing the connections, it also gives you details like Connection Name, Mac Address, Sent and Received Data Speed etc. This can be useful for technical experts. The application also provides an easy way to copy these network data into a text file and perform a search if you have lot many connection in the list. You can download this application from here.

This application reminds me of another Network tool by the same developer — Net Con Manager. This application can remember network profile i.e. IP Address, DNS, Gateway, etc. It comes handy when you switch to a lot of network on the same adapter and manual entry is the only way to add such kind of details.


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