Switch windows between multiple monitors with Monitor Switch

Many of us are always excited to have multiple monitors so that you can increase your productivity by having lot of windows open to work parallel on different things. However we fail to realize that even if you have more monitor, you will be use one for reading one for composing and other to play videos etc.

So if you have an email windows in the monitor which is used for composing and you ant to read, you will have to manually move it to the Monitor used for reading. Yes we have mouse and windows supports dragging ( nice ) but then again it will take lot of time.

Monitor Switch does exactly what it says, It helps you to switch windows from one monitor to another with just click of button. Once you install this software, you will have two buttons added on top of all windows which allows you to switch with just one click.

Monitor Switch

Now since we don’t want to use mouse here,  you can use Hot-Keys CTRL+SHIFT+arrow to move the current window to next monitor or previous monitor. For user who still prefer to use mouse, using this application, they can cut on time spent dragging the windows to next monitor and power users who have more then 3-4 monitor can just always click on Move to next Monitor, ever time, till they reach the monitor where the window should be placed.

Via Fantastic Freeware |  Related :  Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts for Multi Monitor Display



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