Sychronize Folders based on number of days

Keeping two folders in sync is another common example of keeping the same set of files at both office and home. Though we highly recommend using DropBox but if you aren’t comfortable with Online storing and syncing utility, Sync Last Files is one worth giving a try. Apart from the regular syncing it does the most eye-catching feature of this is you can configure to synchronize only files which were modified in past several days.

Sync Last Files Demo

Now if you are wondering why this is important, because at times all you need is files which has changed in last several days and not files which changed a month ago. Also this software has built in support for taking backup every time you synchronize files.

Sync Last File Create

You can download Sync Last Files from here and if you are looking for a powerful folder synchronization tool, We would suggest you to have a look on the features of Synchronicity, which is portable and can replicate or support Mirror concept.


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