Sync Dropbox with Amazon Cloud Drive

Gladinet with their recent update now supports Amazon Cloud Drive, the cloud storage service which was recently announced with 5 GB of free space and no limitation on bandwidth.

Now with so many cloud services it becomes difficult managing data at every place. So what you need is sync. As of now Gladinet do not support sync with Dropbox but does allow you to sync folders on your computer. Since all the Dropbox files and folders are available on your hard drive, it becomes easy to sync Amazon Cloud Drive with Dropbox in few clicks.

Instructions to Sync Dropbox with Amazon Cloud Drive :

Setup Amazon Cloud Drive with Gladinet

  • Download the Gladinet Application from here.
  • Once installation is complete, you will be asked  which service you want to integrate. Choose Amazon  Cloud Drive.
  • Next, add your credentials of Amazon and once it goes smoothly, you should see a new drive added to your computer.

My Cloud Storage with Gladient

Now done this, its time to get DropBox into Amazon Cloud Drive.

  • Launch the Gladinet Application.
  • On the Home Screen, select an option which says Backup my Folder.
  • Browse and select either the complete Dropbox Folder or any sub folder.
  • Set location on Amazon Cloud Drive where you will sync the folder. Best is to create another folder.

Selective Folder Backup to Amazon Cloud Drive

  • Make sure the backup runs automatically so you do not have worry about changes.

Scheduling with Amazon Cloud Drive


Done this any file that is added to DropBox will get synced to your Amazon Cloud Storage drive provided the computer is up and running.

Web Amazon Cloud Drive

If Gladinet adds Dropbox support, you will no longer need this :D, add any where into Dropbox gets it to Amazon Cloud Drive. I really wish for that. Download the software from here


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