Sync Toy performs better and backs up configurations in 2.1

Sync Toy is free windows application which lets you synchronize 2 folders i.e. If you change something in folder X it will get updated in folder Y.  This is useful when you want to keep in sync devices like your digital camera, videos and documents. Sync Toy is based on the rules of  Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0.

Microsoft announced an update to Sync Toy with version updated to 2.1. Some of the major improvements are better performance when it comes to copying files. It’s faster now. Second improvement is that you can not only backup files now but also take backup of the configurations. This is useful if you lose all your settings for some reason.

Just to make it clear that Sync Toy is very different from the Sync Center which we had seen in Windows 7 and Vista. Sync Center is for Network folders while Sync Toy works with any folder. You can read about different modes of Sync Toy here.

Configuration Backup in Sync Toy doesnt have user interface which is pretty lame. The overview says

Folder pair configuration backup: Folder pair configuration is automatically backed up under %localappdata%\microsoft\synctoy\2.0. User can replace SyncToyDirPairs.bin with the backup copy to resolve last saved configuration.

When I first saw it I assumed I will be able to back from here and based on per folder basis. Looks like we might have to wait for next update. Download Sync Toy 2.1 from here


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