How to Sync Windows 8 User Profile and Settings with Multiple PC / Tablets / Mobile using Windows Live Id

Starting with Windows 8, It is now possible to have a user profile and most of the data to be synced across computer if they all are used using the same Windows Live ID / Microsoft Account and with Skydrive Integrated, You can even have files carried to every computer along

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How to Setup PC Sync :

First make sure that all the computers or tablets where you have used Windows 8 are confirmed in your Live Account / My Account. In order to confirm if the device you are logged in is confirmed, Go to Settings > Users > Sync your Settings, and see if you see a message which  says :

To help protect your personal info, we won’t sync Sign-in info unless you confirm this PC is trusted. Confirm this PC

When you click on the Confirm this PC, it will open your account settings and show you list of devices you need to confirm. Once confirmed, your settings will be synced for that particular device also.

What can be synced across Computers, Tablets etc ?

  • Personalized settings like Colors, Background, and Lock Screen
  • Windows 8 Themes i.e. Background Images, Sounds, Event Sounds etc
  • Ease of Access : Settings for Speech Recognition, magnifier etc.
  • Language Preferences, Keyboard, display language
  • Windows Apps Settings. Remember not all settings can be synced, only whichever is configured by the app.
  • Task bar, Windows Explorer etc.

PC Sync Settings for Windows 8

How to connect a Windows Account to Microsoft Account / Windows Live Account ?

There are two ways of doing this. First is you create an account using Microsoft Account / Windows Live Id where you need to have an internet connection ready. Second is upgrading a local account to Windows Live id.

You can always switch from Microsoft Account / Live ID to Local and vice-verse.

Create a new account using Microsoft Account / Windows Live Id

Touch / Click Control Panel > Users. Here you can Click on Add User and use your live id. Once you finish the process, an email will be sent to that person and he will have to confirm your PC as trusted PC. Remember this will bring all the services like Xbox, Zune, Email etc to your Windows 8 PC.

Add A new User in Windows 8


Link an existing Local Account to Microsoft Account

The second way is to Upgrade your own account using a  Microsoft Account / Live Id  by selecting option  Switch to Microsoft Account which will be the first option when you see your account under Users.

Switch to Microsoft Account

Video Demo  on Creating Accounts with  Microsoft Account

Direct Link

How to setup Sync ?

Now when you have the Windows Live ID setup with an account, Go to Control Panel > Sync PC Settings and choose what you want to sync across PC.

In case you are worried about bandwidth limit and cost of lot of data getting synced across multiple PC you can do two things :

  1. Turn off heavy options like Themes and Apps Sync
  2. OR Turn this feature completely Off using the Metered Data Plans option very useful for sync across Cell Phone.

Windows 8 metered Settings

Done that now all you need is to login to multiple PC and see how all your data is synced across computers. You will even see the same security, photos, background pictures on every computer.

Video Demo of Sync Feature between multiple computers.

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