Synchronize chat messenger archive across multiple computers using Dropbox

This will apply to any chat messenger service which allows you to  manually set your chat archive path. Secondly we will need Dropbox account with 2 or more computer linked to it. If you got both of them you are ready to go. I am using Windows Live Messenger as an example here.

DropBox Part:

  • Create a folder of your choice in the dropbox folder e.g Chat/MSN on your computer which gas dropbox installed.
  • Now Login to your second computer and you will see the folder getting created on  that computer. ( You can skip this step as it will be done automatically when you login there )

Messenger Part:

  • Set the path of your messenger archive to <dropboxfolder>/chat/MSN on both the computer.
  • Now all you need to do is chat with somebody and exit. For Windows Live Messenger chat gets saved only when you exit the conversation window.

That’s it. As soon as you login to your other computer the chat file will be updated all around. This trick will be very useful when you move to office from home and still want to see your chat conversation you made at home.

However remember the chat files will have lot of versions as they will be constantly updated as you chat so keep in track of the file size just in case.

Note: I was not able to find a way for setting the archive path of Yahoo Messenger. If any body know how to do it without any 3rd party tool do tell me.


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