Syncing Contacts : A hunt for syncing all of them

As the social media grows our contact groups keep duplicating. On an average I see a person who is involved into Internet world can be definitely found on at least 3 of the major social networking sites.

I had always imagine a core contact list which can synchronize with all my Social networking contacts and bring my contact personal data and hook it up at one place. I can get picture, contact, phone number, email id, websites, and street address to my list at one place. Well I am not sure if there is something which can do that but we had sometimes talked about Bringing Gravtar images  to Gmail Contacts and How Xobni with outlook changes the way you can recognize people and know this is the same guy on social network one and two.

Now I have found a third application which is called as Out Sync.  I am a big fan of using Outlook and use it at my office with all features. Out Sync does a similar kind of thing what Arik did to sync gravatar images to Gmail Contact List but now the application have switched.

Out sync compares your contact list in Outlook with your contact list in Facebook and imports images in Facebook contact to contacts in outlook when it’s a match. That’s one good Job.

Syncing Outlook and Facebook Images in contacts

We also had talked about syncing contacts using online tools like Soocial which sync between Gmail, Outlook, Mac, Phone and Blackberry.  This application serves best as it aims to make one universal contact book which syncs with all your applications you use.

So Now I can

  • Sync Images from Gravatar to Gmail
  • Sync Facebook Images with Outlook Contacts
  • Sync between Gmail, Outlook, Mac, Phone and Blackberry
  • And Of course Xobni which gives a top-notch experience with Outlook.

Thinking in a Broader Angle:

With so many applications around me and with so many places to network with people the list doubles every year. Why not all these networking site or the email providers create applications which have buttons saying:

  • Sync with Facebook
  • Sync with Twitter
  • Sync with Outlook
  • Sync with Orkut etc.

I have a strong belief that this will happen but when is the point. While every site is doubling in traffic and revenue every year I guess it’s time when they need to give user features where they can manage their contacts seamlessly any where any time.!!  What do you think?


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