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If you are a writer, or even a student, you will be much into writing poems, stories, thesis, or other writing assignments. Generally we need to have a good vocabulary to keep the reader interested in reading our creation further, and in such case this online resource named as Synonym Finder comes in picture.

Synonym Finder is a great tool for writers; also it can be used for finding the Antonyms, Hypernyms, and Word definitions.

Simply go to the homepage of Synonym Finder, Select whatever you want to do, i.e. use it as a Synonym finder, use it as an Antonym Finder, or for the Definitions. For this you can use the tabs on the top of the Synonym Finder page.

Online resource for finding the Synonyms of a Word

The results provided by this tool Synonym Finder are provided with description to every synonym, so that you don’t end up using them in a wrong way.  Here is the result provided by the Synonym Finder for the word ‘interval’, have a look.

Online resource for finding the Synonyms of a Word Results for word Interval

As shown in the snapshot above, we can see, it just doesn’t provide you with the synonym, but also gives you the definition of the synonym, shows you the usage, so that you can have a better idea of how to use it.

As such, finding a synonym probably isn’t a huge task, but if the tool comes with such an ability to also educate you about the usage and exact definition, this really adds a lot of value to the tool.

In the same way, this tool, it can also be used for finding Antonyms, when used as a Antonym Finder, it again works on same lines, i.e. it just doesn’t throw up a list of words as antonyms, rather, gives you a word as antonym, later the description which includes the definition, usage, etc. and then shows you the next word as antonym, and so on. ‘

As said earlier as well, Synonym Finder also has a Definition Finder, hence, you can simply enter a word and get the definition for it, as we already discussed in the post, that the tool provides you the definitions of every Antonym and Synonym, hence we can say that a nice database of definitions is already possessed by the tool internally, and seems like that is the same which is used for definitions.

Synonym Finder is definitely a great tool, every student and writer would have it bookmarked in their browser for quick access. There are some other tools which are great for writers, like the Rhyming Dictionary, and Write Rhymes.

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