Sysinfo explains where these startup entries in Windows come from

We all talk about how to optimize Windows Startup by firing MSConfig and drop the things which is not required and so on but how do you help figure out the installed programs to the end users. Its bit difficult to tell each and every of them but is making all the effort explaining all this and its impressive.

This website lists down all the entries made by possible applications including  by trojans and viruses to the system. Since most of the data is tested it becomes a handy notebook for you to find out if  your computer is infected and your anti virus is not able to find it. It even lists down the blank entries made i.e. applications added to startup without a name.

So how to use this ?

When you have a feeling that your computer might be infected first thing is to run an antivirus scan and if the problem still stays you need to run manual check on your startup progragm to find if there are any such kind of programs.

  • Launch Start up using msconfig in run ( In case you find Windows Startup Manager a bit complex checkout more software in our Startup Manager Applications to make it easy for you.)
  • Open tab which says Startup.
  • Open the and search one by one to find if there is an issue.
  • For best result expand the command line column under startup section to find the executable name and match it with the list and you will get accurate results.

This is one of those sites that you need to bookmark for life if you are using Windows as one of you main machine. Give it a bit of time to learn about startup and what you need to do and you will be master on how to make windows boot even faster.


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